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Thanks for your interest in the JetCares Program!

This is the application form for nonprofit organizations that wish to enroll in the JetCares Program offered by Accepted organizations will be granted access to select basic essentials at discounted prices on, such as baby, personal care, household, and pet items, for distribution to communities in need.

Please visit and review all program information, including the FAQ, before completing this application form. Note, you must have an account on in order to be accepted to the JetCares program. You can create an account on here:

Some things to know:

At this time, enrollment is only open to nonprofit organizations based in the continental 48 states or the District of Columbia that are in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Individuals who are not part of a nonprofit organization, or organizations of all types that do not have 501(c)(3) status, are still able to purchase basic essentials on Jet at highly competitive market rates. 

Accepted nonprofits will be provided with promo codes to apply at checkout to access the preferred pricing on select basic essentials. Jet will provide one set of promo codes per 501(c)(3) organization. As such, please kindly submit one application per 501(c)(3) registration. You will be asked to upload a copy of your organization's 501(c)(3) IRS Determination Letter with this application. 

Any questions? Email us at
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We’d like to learn more about your nonprofit organization.

Organization Name: *

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Is your nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization? *

Please attach a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter and include your EIN in the file name before uploading. *

Is your nonprofit organization eligible to make purchases exempt from sales tax? *

Sales tax exemption on purchases – If your organization is eligible to make purchases exempt from sales tax, please attached a copy of your applicable state exemption certificates. Eligible tax exemptions will be processed by Jet and tax will not be charged on future purchases made by the account used by your organization. *

What is your organization’s annual budget?

Please provide a brief description of your organization: *

Which types of communities does your organization serve?

And who will be our primary point of contact within your organization?

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How did your organization first hear about the JetCares Program?

I certify that: *

I am a duly authorized representative of the organization with full power and authority to submit this application. The information provided by me in this application true, accurate and complete. The organization is based in the contiguous 48 United States or the District of Columbia. The organization is in good standing in its state of incorporation and all other states where it is authorized to conduct business.  I agree that all diapers and/or basic essentials purchased through the JetCares Program will be donated or resold only to low income families serving the mission of this program, and will not be resold for a profit or used for personal use.  Accepted organizations must agree to and abide by the program terms and conditions. Jet reserves the right to refuse, deny or revoke an organization’s eligibility at any time in its sole discretion.
At this time, enrollment is only open to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in good standing with the IRS. You will still have the ability to purchase Cuties Economy Plus Packs of diapers on at highly competitive market rates.

Please note that at this time, enrollment is only open to nonprofit organizations based in the continental 48 states or the District of Columbia who are in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Individuals who are not part of a nonprofit organization able to purchase basic essentials on at highly competitive market rates.

If accepted into the JetCares Program, would you like your organization to participate in the Give a Pack Program on If so, select "Yes" below AND e-mail to confirm your interest.

The Give a Pack Program allows your supporters and Jet shoppers to contribute funding to your organization’s select basic essential purchases on Jet. 

How it works: 
1. As a participant, you'll have a unique page for your organization set up on Examples of unique pages can be found here: 
2. Your organization’s supporters and Jet shoppers come to, find your page, and make a donation
3. Within 24 hours the full amount of that donation is credited to your organization’s Jet account in the form of JetCash 
4. Shop for diapers, personal care items, pet food, and other select basic essentials using your JetCash funds at checkout towards your purchase  
5. View your JetCash balance any time by logging into Jet and selecting Account, JetCash & Credits, in the top right hand corner 

More information: ·         
- There is no cost to nonprofits to participate in the program
- Use JetCash to pay for your Jet orders of basic essentials to distribute to the communities you serve. $1 of JetCash is equal to $1 off of a purchase at Jet

By enrolling in the program, you allow Jet to share your organization name, EIN, description, website, state, and registered email address on your publicly available unique fundraising page.

You must e-mail to confirm your interest in participating in the Give a Pack program. *

Please enter any National Affiliations your organization has:

Supporters will be able to browse Jet based on your organization's memberships. Please select all that apply.

Please upload your organization's logo for use on your Give a Pack fundraising page.

Requirements: JPG format. 90,000 pixels or larger (i.e. 300x300). One side must be at least 300 pixels.
Is your organization willing to issue tax receipts to donors who make contributions to your organization on

If you answer yes, Jet will share your organization’s email address, a unique order ID, and the donation amount with donors via email after checkout. Donors will then have the option to forward this information to your organization via email to request a tax receipt. Additionally, Jet will send your organization the unique order ID & donation amount for your records so that you can confirm the donation amount.
To complete enrollment for the Give a  Pack Program, you must agree to the following additional terms & conditions:

- You hereby give Jet permission to use all information submitted by you on this registration form, on and in any manner for promotional, marketing purposes, including without limitation, in social media
- Any JetCash received through the program may only be used on JetCares items like diapers, personal care products, household items, and pet supplies. 
- JetCash received through the Give a Pack program does not expire
- If at any time your organization cancels their account, any remaining JetCash you have will be forfeited
- Jet reserves the right to refuse, deny or revoke any organization’s participation in the Give a Pack program at any time in its sole discretion.  In the event Jet revokes an organization’s participation in the program, any JetCash in that account will be forfeited and transferred to another participating organization
- Marketing that you can do for the Give a Pack program is limited to social media, unless specifically provided to you or approved by Jet
- Jet will not match any Give a Pack donations made through a non-profit’s own account, or by related parties or corporations. Jet reserves the right to revoke an organization’s participation if the organization makes Give a Pack donations to itself during any of Jet’s donation match windows. 
- If you elect to offer tax receipts, Jet will provide you with the order number of the applicable donor, and upon the donor contacting you to request a tax receipt, you agree to provide a valid tax receipt to the donor within a reasonable amount of time. You agree that you will use any information provided by Jet or the donor solely for the purpose of issuing tax receipts.
Thanks for applying to the JetCares Program!

Please allow three to four weeks for us to review your application and notify you regarding acceptance. You can contact us by email at with any questions.

Spread the word about the JetCares Program & encourage other nonprofits to apply at
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